This is Our story;

Since its beginning, Herbalnic has spent many days recognizing the needs of individuals to provide a healthy and dynamic lifestyle and has gained knowledge on the relationship between plants and the natural energy cycle and the balance between physical, mental and spiritual dimensions.

Also, there is much potential among homemade, rural, small and medium businesses (SOHOs, SMEs) that don’t have the power to appear in global markets. So, it was determined to bring the relationship between nature and humans and the shortcomings of businesses together.

Hence, our goal and vision are:

We hope to appear in global markets by introducing and integrating all these needs and capabilities to have a better world for everyone.

there are several solutions in the Herbalnic product portfolio, for everyone living around the world, who is on the path of awareness to create a better, more dynamic and healthier.

So, our value and mission will be:

  • Creativity and innovation in herbal products trading by supplying a healthy variety of herbal products from Iran and around the world.
  • Introducing Iranian herbal products and handicrafts that belong exclusively to this region to support small and rural producers to preserve and disseminate authentic Iranian culture and customs.

And then our core values are:

  • Providing a solution to your needs by creating a healthy and dynamic lifestyle and helping to balance the harmony of body and mind and spirit with a combination of herbs benefits and inner and outer energy cycles
  • the right solution + the right product offer + choosing the right person= Knowing the problem and fixing it