The secret of Herbal Oils

Herbal oils have been used for many years in food industries, personal care products, cosmetic products and herbal medicines. 

The composition and properties of herbal oil are determined by the source (type and part of the herb used), as well as the way they’re produced from fat-soluble ingredients obtained from seeds, fruits, flowers, roots, bark or leaves. They contain a wide range of constituents such as fatty acids, vitamins and vitamin-like compounds, antioxidants, phytosterols, carotenoids and other nutrients.

Herbal oils may be divided into three main types with different manufacturing methods and consequently properties:

1. Essential or Aromatic Oils

2. Herbal Oil Extracts

3. Flavored or Vegetable  Oils

Each type of oils has common features in composition, properties and areas of applications. It is important to remember that one plant may be a source of two or more types of herbal oils. Acknowledging the type of herbal oil will help to appraise potential health and nutritional benefits and determine proper ways of handling, storage and application. 

Herbalnic will also introduce and supply this herbal oil classification according to their use and application. 

Essential Oils / Aromatic Oils
Infused Oils / Macerated Oils
Flavored Oils / Vegetable Oils